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Presiding Prelate

Chief Apostle Michael J. Roberts


Apostle Michael J. Roberts, Sr.  answered the call into the Kingdom of God at an early age and began preaching the gospel while still in his youth. He is a seasoned Pastor with more than two decades of overseeing diverse ministries from Music to Christian Education to Senior Servant Leader of a diverse congregation. He was licensed for ministry in April 1994, ordained as an Elder in April 1994, began his first Pastoral assignment in March 1998 through the House of God Church of the Living, consecrated to the Apostleship in September 2000 through World Harvest Fellowship and affirmed March 2014 through Love Covenant Ministerial Association International and Apostolic Colleagues.

He Ministers with Passion and is a very dynamic and powerful instrument in the hand of God. He has great diligence, devotion and commitment toward building God’s kingdom and raising the consciousness in the saints of the Kingdom of God. As an expository teacher of God’s word, he effectively communicates the mind of God to the saints with great emphasis on revelation, impartation and instructions in righteousness.

His vision and allotment in the kingdom is to bring wholeness and healing to the body of Christ by teaching God’s people how to stand through the process with relentless perseverance, fervent praise, passionate worship and radical faith knowing that every experience in life is strategic and purposed (by God) to bring the believer to his true identity as a son of God.

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